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Golfing in Cancun Is Safe

Blog animalsCroc bites off tourist’s fingers on Mexico golf course

Agence France-Presse
Posted at 07/04/2013 8:52 AM | Updated as of 07/04/2013 9:06 AM
CANCUN – A crocodile bit two fingers off a US tourist’s hand after the man apparently pretended to give food to the predator on a golf course in the Mexican resort of Cancun, authorities said Wednesday. The 50-year-old golfer was in stable condition in a Cancun hospital following Tuesday’s attack, said civil protection chief Felix Diaz Villalobos. Medics recovered one of the tourist’s fingers in the hope of reattaching it, he said. The victim was attacked after he ignored signs about the presence of crocodiles, Diaz said. “These animals are generally very peaceful,” he added. How stupid can one be Being the local golf booking agent in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum I am dumb founded.  This is what the tourist would have seen the croc doing on this course. If a CrBlog animalsocodile gets too warm, it can only reduce it’s temperature in three ways:  get in the shade;  get in the water;  or sit quietly with its mouth wide open.  The body heat therefore is lost through the soft, moist skin of the mouth and tongue.  The key words are the croc was sitting quietly.

Cancun Golf Reviews

Playa MujeresPlaya Mujeres was our favorite. TPC has some growing to do still. I didn’t know it was a baby course. The layout is fantastic, lots of sand! We’ll be back when the Fazio course is done. Riviera Cancun really took care of us. We got rained out on Sunday, but they let us play on Monday, early and didn’t charge us the extra $40 per person. They were super accommodating and it played really nice too. It was probably my best round of the 8 we played. Thanks again for making the arrangements! Kristin
Thank you Kristin for your great email.  It is important to share opinions of the courses here in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum:) Cheryl