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Golf Tips From Cancun


golf new 1Choke Down On The Grip

This seems like an obvious mechanic, but choking down on the grip actually does a lot more than simply get your body closer to the ball to make a delicate stroke. Choking down also counterbalances the club, meaning added weight above the hands work to make it easier to make less than full shots without flipping the hands over too soon.  Remember as you choke down: Don’t hunch your upper body.  Choke down with your hands, and get your body lower by adding more flex in the knees, as opposed to hunching over.chipping

Golf Tips From Playa del Carmen

“GET MORE POWER”golf back swing
During the backswing minimize your hip and knee rotation to create resistance while you focus on a full shoulder rotation. This will maximize your torque in the load position enabling you to harness more power for the downswing.