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PGA Tour: Tiger Woods

To win The Memorial Tournament.  Count it. Mark it down.  Bet on it. Jack Nicklaus’ annual PGA Tour event tees off Thursday, and we’re taking the world’s top golfer to dominate Muirfield Village and offering up the field against him without a second thought. He’s certainly looking forward to the opportunity to win his sixth Memorial Tournament this week. But Tiger Woods also couldn’t pass up the chance to get a peak at Merion, where he will try to break his five-year major championship drought, when the U.S. Open returns there in two weeks. Merion is located in Ardmore, Pa., which is about 400 miles due east from Dublin, Ohio. So Woods headed over to play a quick 18 there on Tuesday — after all, it’s not like he doesn’t know his way around Muirfield Village and Wednesday’s pro-am offered plenty of time to get reacquainted with Jack Nicklaus’ signature creation. The conditions at Merion were basically miserable, according to Woods. The temperature was in the low 60s and it was windy and raining sideways, at times. Not that the time wasn’t well-spent, though. “We played it as probably long as it will ever be played,” Woods said. “In June, obviously the weather won’t be like that. It will be hotter. The ball will be flying. The clubs will be different, but the lines will be the same. “It was nice to see and get an understanding of what I need to visualize and my prep next week and get ready for that. Have a nice understanding of where my sight lines are going to be and where I need to land the ball.” Woods learned quickly that Merion is the type of course that rewards shotmakers, and the list of U.S. Open champions there — including Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino and David Graham — bears that out. “You have to be able to shape the golf ball, and you have to be so disciplined to play that course,” Woods said. “… You play to certain spots. You play to certain spots on the greens. You leave yourself certain putts and you deal with it and you move on. Sometimes you may have a short iron or wedge into the hole. “Even like the 13th, you are teeing off with a pitching wedge. They have an up tee that they’ve cordoned it off, so you might be hitting a 60-degree or sand wedge into a par 3. If they put the pin right, you are not going to be firing at it. So you have to be disciplined.” First, though, Woods has to put his own steely focus to work at Muirfield Village. He’ll be seeking his fifth win of the season and the 79th of his career — which would bring him within three of the all-time leader, Sam Snead. Not to mention, send Woods off to Merion with extreme confidence. “It’s been a nice two weeks off, and now it’s time to get and play and come to an event that I’ve always loved playing,” Woods said. “I got a chance to come here as an amateur and watch a little bit. To have Jack be a part of this event and what he has done for the game of golf and to come here and support him in this event has been fantastic for me and lot of the players.” By Helen Ross, PGATOUR.COM DUBLIN, Ohio. Cancun Golf http://teedoff.com.mx/cancun-golf-courses/

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