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The Mystique of the Crow’s Nest at Augusta National

Being an amateur at Augusta has its privileges.


After he spent his first two Masters there, Tiger Woods found out something about the Crow’s Nest he hadn’t expected. Staying there made him a sharper card player.

“That’s pretty much all we did up there,” Woods fondly recalled this week. “We played cards all the time. How could I not have gotten better?”

The Crow’s Nest — the Clubhouse cupola where amateur contestants are offered housing for Masters Week — has taken its rightful place among the many landmarks at Augusta National.

Woods bunked in the Crow’s Nest in 1995 and 1996, the first two years he played in the Masters before turning pro in the fall of ’96. He said it reminded him of the dorms at Stanford.

“It’s great,” Woods said. “It felt like being in college.”

Except the exams are taken on the golf course rather than in a classroom.

The Masters Crows NestThe Crow’s Nest can accommodate up to five players who bunk in a 30-foot-40-foot rising cupola that has windows on all sides. The room is partitioned into four cubicles, three of them furnished with a single bed and one with two beds. There’s a full bathroom plus an extra sink. As Woods discovered, much to his delight, the furnishings include a game table, a sofa and chairs, a television and a telephone.

It may not be all that flashy, but the Crow’s Nest retains its aura because it is one of the most exclusive lodgings in golf.

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