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Eco Friendly Yucatan Peninsula Golfing Will Enhance Your Vacation

Golfing is a great passion for a lot of us and sometimes the reason for that is how much we love being outside. If we can be outside in a gorgeous environment, then so much the better. That’s why Mexico can make a great choice if you want to do some exotic golfing in glorious locations. Let’s take a peek at a couple of terrific options you might not have heard about before.

For golfing, a lot of the best that Mexico has to offer is going to be located on the Yucatan Peninsula, with options like Cancun golf courses. The reason for this is that this is the eastern coast of Mexico where there is a lot of white sandy beach to run on and plenty of tropical jungles or even ancient Mayan ruins to explore. Oh, and you wouldn’t want to forget the sparkling sapphire waters of the Caribbean right there for you to scuba, kite board, water ski or just go swimming in. The great part about this section of Mexico is that the people here value the preservation of nature. They go out of their way to keep things beautiful.

If you have never heard of the island of Cozumel, this is a small island off the coast of the Yucatan and located in Quintana Roo. The place is beautiful and this is where a lot of people go to enjoy a real island paradise. A recent article on Ecplaza {http://www.ecplaza.net/news/13/73787/cozumel_island_celebrates.html} shows that this is, in fact, the home of a unique golf tournament. The Annual Cozumel Island Golf Tournament is now in its 3rd year and looking like a great place to hit the green. Plenty of challenges await you and so do sights of mangrove forest and jungles, too.

A place you just might have heard of, due to its connection with the PGA Tour, is Mayakoba. A recent Fox News Latino article (http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/sports/2011/02/23/lorena-ochoa-greg-norman-design-golf-course-mexico/) shows that Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa is going to be helping to design a golf course in this ecotourism hot spot. Once that is built you are not going to want to miss tee times here, for sure. After all, Ochoa was the top female golfer for 3 years straight so she knows what she is doing.

As you can see, Mexico has plenty for golf fans that is great golfing and eco friendly. You can check out Cozumel or Playa del Carmen golf courses or even savor some fun at Mayakoba, the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, though: the Yucatan is a tremendous place to tee off if you want to be surrounded by tropical majesty of the finest kind. Mexico is the place for golfers who love sunshine and care about natural beauty.

Nick Price golf comes to the Riviera Maya

Last Saturday I finally got my chance to play the new course, it was worth the wait. I lived in Hawaii for 15 years and have gotten used to playing beautiful resort courses weekly so I had some expectations about what it might look like and I’ve watched the construction as it progressed for months now.

Grand Coral Golf Course

Grand Coral Golf Course

The exclusive location of the new Grand Coral Riviera Maya resort—within the city limits of Playa del Carmen and right next to the Caribbean Sea—presented a unique challenge to Nick Price as he began designing the golf course: that of creating a course that highlights the region’s natural beauty and its blessed location while still conserving the ecological environment and minimizing the need for excessive use of water. The design team conducted a planning and routing study in conjunction with a carefully selected team made up of the Grand Coral Group real estate developer, wildlife consultants, biologists, civil engineers and environmental consultants.

The layout is eye candy and a treat to play. The course is fair and hard depending upon your choice of tee boxes.

The Grand Coral Riviera Maya project features a magnificent 18-hole golf course with the Nick Price touch and design, where pros and amateurs alike can spend pleasant days playing golf only a few yards away from the Riviera Maya’s spectacular Caribbean Sea.

We played from the blues which added a just the right amount of challenge for me.

The greens are large and will be wonderful after the grounds crew do the final rolling and cut them down to get the speed up it was very slow like shag carpet but that will go away soon believe me.

Resort courses are by nature not intended to punish the tourist golfer if you play from the whites or ladies tee’s.

From the tips or blues it will make you think your way around the course, I know you will find it a pleasure to play and make a small wager with your friends.

I found all the holes a challenge and visually interesting and it wasn’t a push over either.

The new electric carts were fast and very responsive and have a drive gear that allows you to just stop and walk away without setting the brake.

They haven’t added the jugs of sand/grass for repairing divots yet to the carts but I’m sure they will add that as well to protect the grass.

This course will be a must play for your next vacation trip to Mexico or a weekly game if your lucky enough to live here like I do.  Don’t forget to book your next Mexico golf outing through our favorite service TeedOff located in Playa del Carmen and serving the entire Yucatan golf region.

Larry Crowson


Mexico Tourism 2011

This link was sent to us from our friends at www.rivieramayatrends.com. It is a great video that shows all  of what Mexico has to offer! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Mexico Tourism 2011